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Dante Marsh Responds to fans - November 12, 2008

From Nate Dahl:

Dante! Whats up man? this is Nate Dahl, aka Stork, from Berkeley High. We played together, mostly passing league as I was c/o \'99, under the Joe Martin years at the High. I just wanted to give a holler and congratulate you on your pro career up in Vancouver . I was up there about a year ago and got a chance to see a game in Vancouver . I went on from BHS to play for Brown University on the East Coast. We won the Ivy League Title in 1999 and after graduation I came back to Berkeley and started Coaching. I served as the head coach for the JV squad and we ended up winning the league title. Anyways, I wish you the best in the CFL and know that you got fans back home. Nate

Most definitely Nate im just trying to do my thing, I have been truly blessed. Its been a long time since B-High man. Thank you for stopping by the site and showing some support bruh! What are you up to now? anyway I will hit you up on your e-mail. Once again I appreciate.

- DM

From Vandro:

Hey Dante, after being in Vancouver for a number of years do you find yourself more of a hockey fan than u would have been in years past ? and thanks for giving sports fans in BC something to cheer for.

To be honest with you Im just not a hockey fan at all I mean I just never got into it. Don't get me wrong I like the physical aspect of the game and the occasional fights but I have never got into it. I would like to go to a game and check it out then maybe I will have more of a interest in it. Thank you for supporting the B.C Lions and making me feel proud to be a Lion!

- DM

From Corey Lea:

Just needed to show Big Money he has some competition with being your biggest fan, here are 7 of my most possesstions:

Check them out Dante and good luck in Sask , me and the rest of our group will be glued to the tv all day. I need to get down to see you before the off season to get you to sign the rest of these things I have collected from you throughout the last two years. Thanks again Mr. Marsh. CONGRATES ON BEING NAMED A WEST ALL STAR AGAIN. YOU DESERVE IT!!

Thats whats up! Thank you for your good luck wishes as you can see we beat the Roughriders hopefully we can continue our success this week in Calgary with some of that momentum from last week! Thank you for the kudos on the "ALL STAR" nod as well. Yes come and see me before the off season so I can sign whatever you need me to sign!!!!!!!!!!!!

- DM