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Dante Marsh Responds to fans - October 21, 2011

From Doug McIntyre

Dante: Man, that tackle you madegoing low on Cates was one of the gutsiest plays of the year. Sad to see you were hurt on that hit. I take my hat off to you, or any any other football player who goes out every week and puts himself in harm\'s way for a living. That is real dedication, courage and unselfishness. I am also very impressed by your website; you\'ve done a solid job of marketing your personality, while remaining a great teammate. I wish you nothing but greater success, on and off the field. Just wondering whether you\'ll be forced to sit out tomorrow\'s game in Hamilton, because of the new concussion protocol? I hope you and management make your decision to return a cautious and intelligent one, with the priority being your long-term health. You only have one brain and concussions need to be taken, very, very seriously. I hope you\'ve sought advice from people with first hand experience with concussions,like Matt Dunnigan. And sincere congratulations to you and your teammates for a remarkable turn-around of the 2011 season. The way I see it, you have a possible five games left. If you men take care of business tomorrow in Steeltown the team will can have the last four in BC Place. You couldn\'t ask for a better scenario. I guarantee you\'ll have that 13th man with you from the first to the last whistles, tuggin\' on the rope with you. Time to finish strong, stay in the present, remain united and go get your names on the Grey Cup! Best of luck to you and the team. And kudos to all you fine young men, for doing your parts for greater cancer awareness. Doug McIntyre, Surrey

WOW..I appreciate that very much sir, thank you for your concern.I am ok no ill affects from last week as I am good to go against Hamilton. Yes my man Jeff is very good at what he does when it comes to websites (inthetunnel.com).. I really do appreciate you being a fan who genuinely respects what I do for a living...CHUUCH..