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Dante Marsh Responds to fans - September 26, 2008

From Corey Lea

I finally got it man! and you saw it, its the greatest jersey I have ever owned. you were so close to that interception and i was at the railing waiting, we will be back in our regualr section over by the gate next game, hopefully you come by with a ball. PS my grandma watches every game and cheers for you she says good luck in Sask and to win one for her.

Man I greatly appreciate that! I hope to see you at the game this weekend wearing your # 31 jersey, and if I get a pick I will definitely toss it to you in the stands. Thanks for supporting the lions and I am flattered that you think so highly of me

- DM

From syd E.

yo dante wadup!!! i had so much things i have accomplish this year on and off the field because of you and i would like to thank you. you are my role model and it always has been. i look up to you and cam wake since u came to B.C. now my question for you is can u gime 5 of your favorite bible verse or quotes for my tattoo? good luck this season!

It is so good to hear that you are doing well and that you have accomplished some of your goals that you have set out to achieve. As far as bible versus for tattoos I have PHIL 4:13, and I would say that is one of my favorites. I would tell you to read the Bible and figure out what best describes you as a person as far as your walk/faith. There are many different versus that you can choose but you want to choose one that you can hang your hat on "ALL THE TIME" when you are feeling down or going through trials and tribulations. Tattoos are for life so be careful not to act on impulse, you should live by your quotes and words of wisdom from the Bible.

- DM

From Michael:

Yoooo Dante its Mike from the Westjet flight friday nite. Nice! you guys beat the Sask. Sh!triders yesterday good for you. Yeah we had a hell of a time in Vegas it was fun, I took my picture at the street corner of Koval/flamingo where Pac got shot at.

Most definitely Mike will do! It was good conversating with you on the flight!

- DM