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Dante Marsh Responds to fans - September 16, 2008

From Javi:

Hey man it's me again, thanks for answering and asking me questions. Yes, I play football sometimes with my friends but now I'm focusing on school and getting good grades because grade 12 is important, when I do play I play cornerback.... I try to be like you by the way... lol. My favorite NFL team is the Minnesotta Vikings but my favorite team overall is the B.C. Lions and lastly do you have any other good/inspiring bible quotes?

Javi school should be your main focus right now anyway, and if you are able to do both thats a bonus. Its not easy to do well in the classroom and on the football field, it takes a special kind of individual to do both at a high level. I have a quote for you from my weekly bible study class. "TURN YOUR FEARS INTO FAITH, TRUST IN THE LORD FOR HE IS THE TRUTH"!

- DM

From Landon Lofton

hey dante, dis is your lil brother the one that first word was football,and o yeah i have been seein your games u still aight,and now i play for berkeley high wit coach carter and it cool to

What's up Lan Man? I heard you were the Quarter Back, how is everything going so far? Stay focused and fixated on school first, then football. If you keep your priorities straight then everything will fall into place.

- DM

From Aaron

Hi Dante, Hope you are back from your injury soon. Who is the best receiver you have ever covered in the CFL or NFL? God Bless, Aaron

Yes Aaron I am back from my injury and doing well. It wasn't anything major just a slightly pulled groin it was more of a case of resting it a week instead of trying to push it and risk further injury and end up missing 4 or 5 games instead of just 1. The best rec. I have covered in the CFL would probably be Jason Tucker from Edmonton. The best rec. in the NFL would be Marvin Harrison from the Colts. We had a three day joint practice and scrimmage with the Colts when I was with the Titans and he was just everything you would want in a rec. fast, quick and a good route runner!

- DM