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Dante Marsh Responds to fans - August 29, 2009

From Javi

Hey Dante, do you have any workout tips?

Workout tips would be a lot of core work to get your abs as strong as possible also jumping rope and plyometric activities such as bounding and jumping boxes or stairs.


From Nick

Hey Dante, you're going a great job this year and keep up the good work man. I was wondering, where's the hardest place to play in the CFL and why? Thanks and good luck in the season.

I would have to say Edmonton or Saskatchewan. Edmonton because the grass and just being Edmonton its tough to play at Commonwealth. Saskatchewan because of the fans at Taylor field win lose or draw are crazy about their team so once they get a little momentum the fans act as the 13th man.


From V Feezy

Dante'...I just want to let u know as your brother and friend that I am extremely proud of u. You have matured tremendously over the years becoming a great father, husband, and most importantly a Man of God. As a guy in the league I see a lot of guys up here that are not as talented as D. Marsh, and I know you could excel and flourish in the NFL but for whatever reason, God has had you where He has wanted you to be. And without bitterness, you have made the most of that opportunity...becoming one of the best cornerbacks in the CFL. You were definitely a better football player than myself so I know if no1 else does, that you have what it takes. I just want u to know I love you man and I am glad the good Lord allowed us to be friends over all these years...V. Fox 39

Man Vernon I appreciate that bruh! I'm definitely letting GOD drive my car so I'm not bitter or consumed by what could have or should have been. It is what it is and am going to make the most of it! 1 Love...


From Kieran

as a highschool receiver, i'm always looking for ways to trick and play mind games with the DB's. what are some things you look for when lining up against a receiver to try to figure out what's going down on the next play? are there any movements or fidgeting that gives anything away?

Its really not so much about your opponent as much as it is about you and how you prepare and work on mastering your craft!


From Williams Henry

What`s up man.I played for Fresno State from 89-91.I have been living here in Richmond,BC for almost a year now.Good to know a fellow bullldog is in town.I get back to Fresno every Feb for the spring game and golf day.We need to hook up Bra.I grew up in the bay as well(Richmond).

Definitely! You should stop by the practice facility some time or come to a game so we can chop it up!


From Paco

This being you're 6th season with the leos. Do you take more responsibility now for taking the younger guys under you're wings through the ups and downs of a long, grueling CFL season then you have during the past few years?

I have always been a guy who has someone else. Me being one of the older guys now allows me to explain things to the younger guys easier since I have been doing it for a while. I just tell them if they want to play this game at a high level to keep working on their craft despite the ups and downs you will have along the way.