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Dante Marsh Responds to fans - July 20, 2008

From Holly

Hey Dante, whats the best memory you have had since you started playing for the Lions? Also whats do you and the lions do to celebrate after a victory?

My best memory I have had thus far would have to be the 2006 GREY CUP. Man the atmosphere and the whole production was the ultimate high. Watching the game on DVD I still get chills watching the Defense get introduced, I can still feel the focus and emotion that we had that day. We were not going to be denied that day. Seeing the Mounties bring the CUP down to the field in the final minutes of the game was so excitng. We have so much fun with one another as teammates so we are always celebrating whether its joking with one another or clownin around being big kids for 6 months out of the year.

- DM

From Syd

hey dante its me Syd again. my question for you today is... How hard is it to make pro football and what are the obstacles that you had to go through to get to this point? thnx

It's hard to make it in pro sports based on all of the politics and someones personal opinion i.e coaches and general managers who are in charge of making those decisions. There were a lot of obstacles I had to overcome like my shoulder injury which is probably the reason I only got one year in the NFL, Also the passing of my dad who was my best friend. But keeping GOD first and understanding what I wanted since I was five years old and being determined to get what I wanted it has all paid off. I have no regrets!

- DM