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Dante Marsh Responds to fans - July 14, 2008

From Jordan:

Hey Dante, congratulations on the big win on Friday night (and for the massive hit you delivered at the end of the game to put an exclamation point on it!) I was just curious about your favorite Bob Ackles memory? As a fan, I always found him to be very "real" and not like most executives who would normally not have the time of day for regular people and I was curious to find out a player's opinion of the man. Also, have you had a chance to read his book?

Thank you Jordan, man we needed to get that win. Bob was a good man, he always talked to us and shook our hands on game day by the locker room win lose or draw, he also was Mr. B.C. Lion and was one of the main reasons why this organization is where it is today. One of my favorite moments was when he signed my WaterBoy book, he said Dante you are a great player and its a pleasure to watch you play. That meant a lot coming from someone who has been in this business as long as he had been.

- DM

From Janmarie Marsh:

Hello Son: Your webite is great! I am very proud of you....Good luck this season.....will be watching you on TV. Mommie

Thank you Mother! I love you too.

- DM

From Bhakari:

Eh bra I went 2 school with u a long time ago u probably don't remember me but jus wana wish u the best and let u no the TOWN is cheering for u

Fa' sho, Bhakari I remember you bruh! I appreciate you stopping by my site. "Town Bizness"!

- DM

From Darrion Marsh:

Hi Uncle Dante Congratulations with your new website. I am very proud and excited for you. Thank you for all your guidance and helpful advice. You have made me into a proud young strong beginning football player hoping to follow in your footsteps. Please give me some tips on staying focused and not giving up. Thank you in advance for your anticipated advice and response.

Nephew you already know what you have to do. Put GOD first and whatever you want in life make it a priority and stay focused. Once you do that then there is no limit to what you can accomplish. I love you!

- DM

From Justin:

Hey Dante, being a Grey Cup champion, CFL All-Star, and respected locker room leader on the Lions, how do you help the younger guys on the team adjust to life in the CFL and stay on the right path in the world of professional sports? Thanks man, and keep up the great work on the field and in the community.

I try to lead by example, im not really a rah rah guy but when its time to talk then I will do so. I just tell them that they have to understand whats important to them, stay focused on the big picture and work hard at your craft. Remember there are thousands of good football players who would love to have your job so love what you do and do it to the best of your ability.

- DM

From Syd:

hey dante do you miss your dreads?

Not really, sometimes but not as one would think its just hair. I still have them under my sink in a ziplock bag so every now and then I look at them.

- DM