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Dante Marsh Responds to fans - June 8, 2009


Hey Dante.. Man so much respect for you as one of the premier corners in the league (and best dressed, lol).. Can't wait for training camp, i'm sure you can't either.. I was just wondering what kind of potential Ryan Grice-Mullen has, as I'm sure you've gone up against and observed him in practice. Thanks for your thoughts!.. Keep locking down! *Korey&Dante shortside will live on forever*

I appreciate the support and respect much love! Ryan Grice-Mullen is pretty good he has all the tools that you would want in a receiver I bet he will have a big season....Let me know when you come to abbotsford..

- DM


hey dante i head a question i was wondering how do you prepare yourself i have a problem with thinking to much and being nervous about making mistakes and when i over think and all that i do make mistakes as much as i try to tell myself to calm down i cant i was wondering what are some things that you do or some things i could do to help myself become the player i know i can be

Well Troy confidence is a big issue with athletes because that is the element that can make or break a player. I have been playing football all my life and I still get nervous its just a part of the competition aspect of things. Try to relax take deep breaths and believe in your preparation, if you have prepared well then you should have good results. Dont over analyze things remember its still is just a game not rocket science.

- DM


hey Dante I worked with Kim at ATT in Tucker, ga. I'm the one who showed her how to watch your games on channelsurfing.net. Great season last year. We could use you on my Chicago Bears cuz it seems like either Vashar or Tillman are always hurt and we need a shut down corner. But anyway...just wanted to check and see how the baby was and wish you a great year. Keep the NFL dream alive....Also, there is a guy in Atlanta, Damian Sims, that played RB at Iowa. Graduated back in 08 but didn't get drafted or picked up as FA. He could prob use some CFL advice. He was a beast. He has a Facebook and Myspace but i know ur prob too busy for that gearing up for the season. Anyway take care and good luck with another All Star season and Grey Cup run. Erik Isaiah 41:10

Appreciate it Erik...Brooklyn Dalia Marsh is doing great she is 5 months old and growing everyday, thank you for assisting Kim in finding out how to watch the games.As far as Damian Sims goes he is my teammates nephew and he actually worked out with us some this off season and is in training camp with us.

- DM