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Dante Marsh Responds to fans - June 2, 2010

From Travis Fowler

Hey Dante, Heard you on Team 1040 talkin\' about this website and I bookmarked it immediately. My question for you is on traing. Can you summarize your training regime throughout the year? Maybe add a few highlights to how it changes during the season, the play-offs. Or the difference between athletic development and football specific work you do. Thanks, Travis Roar Lions Roar!

Thanks for the bookmark! Let's see my training is pretty much combo training for the most part. Upper body and lower body on the same day with more emphasis on legs on the following day then upper body following that day. For example on monday I will get in 45 Minutes of cardio then stretch then get into my ab routine for 25 Minutes. Then its to the bench press 20X2, 16X2, 12x2 with 165lbs. That focuses on muscle endurance. Then I would do a circuit of shoulder shrugs, up right rows, power cleans and squats. I like to move fast from one exercise to the next so I'm still getting that cardio feel. Then I do seated row and lat pull down following that up with hamstring curls and leg extension. I would end that day with the steam room and stretch like I do everyday. The next day I would focus on lunges, deadlifts, groin and hips then end it with biceps and triceps. The next day I would focus on deltoid's chest fly's dips shoulder press and some plyometric stuff. There would also be a pool workout in there once or twice some stadium stairs, hills and some track work. Throughout the season I focus more on abs, shoulders, chest and hamstrings and make sure I get lots of massage therapy and stretch.

- DM