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Dante Marsh Responds to fans - May 18, 2009

From Nick:

hey dante im a strong safety/ strong side linebacker here in ohio i transferred from a diision 1 school to a division 2 school and i hae 3 or maybe een 4 years of elgibility left and i hae become really interested in the cfl and wanting to play there once im done in college i was wondering what i could do get noticed or let some canadian gms know im interested in playing in the cfl and i see the linebackers there are also not as big but very athletic im 6'0 205 and i would not mind playing backer what are options that you think i could take thanks bro!

Hey Nick, I would say that you are doing the right thing by acknowledging the CFL and understanding that there are other options out there other than the NFL. You can start by going on the CFL website and look at the contact numbers for each club and go from there.
Hopefully you get an opportunity for the NFL if the opportunity presents itself.


From Sam:

Hi Dante My question to you does running the treadmill and flipping your hips help with your transition of getting your hips around to play the deep ball? Bulldog Born,Bulldog Breed.

Man I have been looking for a number on you for some years now bruh! My big homie whats been up? Bonkers filled me in a little bit but not everything... We need to holla I will e-mail u asap!


From Anonymous:

Hey Dante! I'm proud of you. You did well for yourself! Much success to you. - An old friend from B-High

Why thank you to whom ever you are. Keeping GOD first has allowed me to do pretty much everything I have set out to do. Thanks for the support.