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Dante Marsh Responds to fans - March 17, 2009

From David:

Hi Dante, Congratulations on the extension! Just wondering how valuable it\'s been to train with Milt Stegall this winter. How has it been to train with one of the best receivers the league has ever seen? Has he perhaps pointed out a few little \'tricks\' from a receiver\'s perspective that you can file for future reference? Best of luck in 2009. Go Lions!

Thank you David! Let's see I have been training with the "G.O.A.T." since 2006 and he is definitely a pleasure to be around let alone work out with. He pays attention to detail and is intent on winning in everything, similar to myself. Training with him and talking to him you can see why he has had such a long and great career. He is the epitome of what a pro athlete should be on and off the field. As far as tricks and tips I can't tell you all I can say is that he has a wealth of knowledge that he shares. Continue to stop by the site David and I am looking forward to seeing you support the LIONS all the way to the Grey Cup this year.


From Cullen:

Hey Dante, Huge fan rite here of the lions and you! I play football and im a Cornerback and i was wondering if you have any tips about stayign fast and agile. oh and this season is all yours! you are gunna be crazy and best of luck to you! ill be watching every game.

I appreciate the support Cullen! As far as staying fast and agile especially at the CB position I would say jumping. Jump a lot of rope to work your quick feet, also plyometric exercises like box jumps. The secret to obtaining and keeping your speed is explosive training for your hips, hamstrings and abs. Squats, jump squats, hamstring curls, different variations of ab work i.e v-ups, med ball twist pulses where you beat your stomach like a drum. Make sure you stretch as often as possible flexibility is key. This season is going to be very special!!!!