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Dante Marsh Responds to fans - January 25, 2009

From Syd:

ayo dante! how are you doin! how many pairs of gloves do you own in total? and the next time you come to calgary can i have a pair? :P

Syd I am doing fine thank you! I have sponsor deal with Cutters so I have quite a few pair of gloves and yes when I come back to Calgary I will give you a pair!


From V Feezy:

D. Marsh......What is it that makes you love football so much? Also I notice that you take an extreme level of pride in the way you look out on the field...Would you say you are one of the best dressd football players in the CFL? Lastly, I hear you talk about bowling in your intervie...Let\'s not forget what I did to you and your wife in a Vegas bowling alley...LOL...Keep it up my dude....V feezy

I just love the game, every since I was 5 years old I have just been in love with the game. I think its the camaraderie, excitement and just the high you get from competing against other elite players. Yes I do take pride in my dress code its been that way since little league football. You should know first hand since you played with me at Fresno State my good friend! And FYI that was a fluke in Vegas I have my own ball now and you know you will get your faced whooped! LOL\