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July 11, 2014:


May 25, 2014:

The off season has been great. I am so looking forward to the upcoming 2014 season a season in which we host the Grey Cup once again in the great city of Vancouver...With training camp just around the corner I cant wait to get going already...The road to the CUP starts now... #BLACK & ORANGE GANG!!!

August 1, 2013:

As we prepare to wrap up the first six games of the 2013 season we are not exactly where we want to be but somewhere in the middle...At 3-2 we arent that bad but we arent that good and as we know this is a marathon and not a sprint..We are looking forward to keep getting better each week and plugging away to reach our ultimate goal which is the 2013 GREY CUP...Stay tuned as we forge forward on this journey..BLACK & ORANGE GANG!!!!

September 7, 2012:


August 22, 2012:


July 26, 2012:


July 14, 2012:


May 25, 2012:

The countdown to training camp is almost over in less than a week...Im so excited to get the 2012 season underway and so anxious to receive my second Grey Cup Ring as well...The off season went by fast but it was also very productive..I am looking forward to a fast start and a strong finish....CHUUCH


April 5, 2012:

With about 60 days until training camp the excitement is in the air..As training gets more intense and fine tuning my craft becomes more technical I am oh so eager to get the 2012 season underway.."Start fast and finish strong" will be one of our main goals in our quest to defend our Grey Cup title...CHUUCH!!!


February 19, 2012:

The Off season is in full swing and with just under 5months away from the 2012 season getting under way Im very excited to say the least. Im happy that I will remain a BC Lion for two more years and continue to provide excellent play for the Orange and Black..Shoulder surgery was successful and I am now two and a half months into therapy and training..I am ahead of schedule and cant wait until training camp..Looking forward to a fast start and a strong finish..BACK 2 BACK GC CHAMPS...


December 2 , 2011:

0-5 To Grey Cup Champs...Its been one hell of a season and we have triumphed and prevailed despite adversity and doubt..I am going to enjoy being a CHAMPION for the second time for a while then its back to work in preparation for GC 2012...


November 26, 2011:


November 23, 2011:


December 2, 2011:

0-5 To Grey Champs...Its been one hell of a season and we have triumphed and prevailed despite adversity and doubt..I am going to enjoy being a CHAMPION for the second time for a while then its back to work in preparation for GC 2012...



November 21, 2011:

After a rough start to the season going 0-5 out of the gate we have fought hard clawing back to be in position to play in the Grey Cup. This has truly been a dream season and we dont plan on not finishing the story with a fairytale ending...We host the Grey Cup in our beautiful dome and we cant wait to see all the black and orange in B.C. Place come sunday...2011 Team of destiny GO LIONS....




November 11, 2011:

After a brutal start to the 2011 season(1-6) we are now one game away from playing in the Grey Cup which we host this year. Our team has played consistently well throughout the last two months (10-1 in the last 11 games) and are very hungry heading into the play offs. This has been an amazing season thus far with the ups and downs, uncertainty and adversity we have managed to climb out of a pretty deep hole. November 20th Western Final Dome Field Advantage....Lets Eat...


September 18, 2011:

After a rough start we are finally looking like the team we were coming out of training camp..Still needing to improve in all phases of the game but we are definitely a team to be reckoned with heading down the stretch....


April 25, 2011:

Off season has been great anxious and eager for the 2011 season to get underway..#Teammachine


February 22, 2011:

The off season is going great,I'm home spending time with my family and training hard for the upcoming season. I have been getting some good work in with the G.O.A.T Milt Stegall as well as a few other CFL Players like Jerald Brown, Carlos Thomas, Dobson Collins, Otis Floyd and Korey Banks. I'm very excited about the upcoming season as we are roughly about 3-4 months away from camp and I can't wait until kickoff 2011.. #TEAMMACHINE..


November 30, 2010:

The 2010 season has come to a close..We had a lot of ups and downs throughout this past season, from a new field,a lot of new young players to the inconsistent play.. However I am so excited about the 2011 season in which we will be back inside our remodeled dome which will also play host to the 2011 GREY CUP.. I truly believe that we will represent the West in the 2011 GREY CUP.. The way we played the second half of the season gives me the belief that we are on the right track and have established our identity as what type of team we are.. Which is an aggressive, hard hitting defense, explosive offense and exciting special teams  moving forward.. Much love to all the true fans that bleed black and orange..


November 7, 2010:

The 2010 season did not go as planned, however its not how you start but how you finish. Despite the up and down season that had its share of inconsistency and lack of execution we are still in position to do what we set out to do. Which is an opportunity to play in the post season and ultimately for a Grey Cup. I want to thank all the die hard Lions fans who stuck behind us this season through the good, the bad and the ugly. Next challenge Is Saskatchewan in Regina...LETS GO LIONS..


September 8, 2010:

Second half of the season is looking promising, we are focused and fixated on putting together consecutive wins on our quest towards the play offs and ultimately an opportunity to play for a championship in the Grey Cup... The time is now and "NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE"....


August 16, 2010:

So far this year we haven't done as well as we would have liked to. At 1-6 we definitely aren't anywhere close to being the team I know we are. The lack of consistency and the ability to FINISH has not been there. For the second half of the season we will be better we will be more discipline more focused and we will finish. We will not be denied we have to stay together and turn this thing around point blank....


July 25, 2010:

After four hard fought games we find ourselves at 1-3 which really doesn't describe that talent and the championship caliber team we have. With that said we have to start executing much better and being more discipline in everything we do in all three phases of the game. I'm looking forward to getting back on the winning track and re establishing BC LION FOOTBALL the way it was meant to be played..


June 23, 2010:

With training camp and pre season now in the books I am anxiously awaiting the regular season to begin. Back to one practice a day and down time that is much needed. Feels good to get settled and have the ability to sleep in your own bed. Had a great time playing in our new stadium this past weekend it was very electric in there at old empire. The quest for the Grey Cup has begun...


June 12, 2010:

Training going very well having fun competing and hanging out with my teammates. Very excited to see our team in action thus season. First glimpse of the 2010 B.C Lions against someone other than our selves tomorrow June 13th against the Roughriders. Will be good to play against some buddy's of mine in green. And catch up with my web site man Jeff Armstead..


May 22, 2010:

All the hay is in the barn as a former coach of mine would often say. Training camp is upon us and the 2010season is all but underway. All the off season weight lifting, running hills, stadium stairs, ab work and late night running sessions are complete. Now its time to translate all that hard work and preparation into success on the football field. Once again I am anxious to see my teammates and coaches, it has been a long off season. I am ready to play some football...



April 20, 2010:

Training for this up coming season has been more intense in terms of fine tuning things and getting ready for training camp/season which is approaching fast. The weather here in Atlanta is starting to get hot and is providing a great elements to train. Myself along with Korey Banks, Otis Floyd and Jerald Brown have been "Gettin' it in" so we are definitely looking forward to having huge seasons for our respective teams. Talked to a few of my new teammates recently and really liked the enthusiasm and hunger that I got from those guys Davis Sanchez, Derrick Armstrong and Jamal Robertson. As for me I am very excited to get this season underway and to play at our new outside stadium its gonna be a great season...




March 15, 2010:

I'm so excited and optimistic about the 2010 Season. I have been grindin' (training) extremely hard and focusing on being 100% healthy and mentally prepared for a great season. We have made some nice additions to our team this off season via free agency and trades hopefully those pieces will fit well and will contribute to us winning the Grey Cup this year.

"Ordinary People have been known to do Extraordinary Things". Coach Dave Ritchie....


February 6, 2010:

Its February which is the greatest month of the year for many different reasons. A few reasons are my birthday, black history month and also its that time of the year when training starts to get intense. So far we have lost a few teammates to the NFL which is a great opportunity for those guys. We have added Derick Armstrong who is an three time 1,000 yard receiver who will compliment our great stable of wide outs . Its February so that means free agency its early and I am excited and anxious to see what the 2010 Lions will look like!


January 18, 2010:

It saddens me today that one of my close friends and teammate Korey Banks lost his youngest son today to cancer. Khamari Banks was 3 years old. May he be on his way to a much better place then the one he just left. Death does not have the final word.


January 7, 2010:

The 2010 season has begun for me the rehab on my knee is going well and I hope to be at full speed again by February. Its grind time right now which means everything I do now will have an effect on the upcoming season. The key is out working everybody else which has begun...


December 1, 2009:

After a disappointing season I am very excited and anxious to start rehabbing my knee and to start training. 2009 was a very frustrating season for me from a personal standpoint as well as a team standpoint. I am going to reflect on it then put it to rest and start focusing on the 2010 Season. I want to thank all the fans who cheered and supported us faithfully throughout this season. 2010 will be much more productive and exciting... GO LIONS!!!!


November 18, 2009:

Play off time!!!! The most exciting time of the season because there is no do overs, no re matches, no home and away series. You lose and you go home your done. Last week we went into a hostile environment in Hamilton and came away with a victory. This week we have advanced to the Eastern Division Final to face Montreal. Its going to be great game we are definitely looking forward to reaching our goals and that is winning another championship. Despite our up and down season we are in position to achieve what we set out to achieve since last off season.... GO LIONS!!!


October 21, 2009:

With back to back wins on the road in games where we had to claw and fight down to the wire, we are finally starting to play with a purpose. We are overcoming adversity and rising to the occasion at the right time. We are definitely a team to be reckoned with heading down the stretch into the play offs.... GO LIONS!


September 30, 2009:

The season has been like a roller coaster but even with the inconsistent play we are still in position to make a strong run down the stretch... SHUT UP AND WIN.....


August 29, 2009:

It is now time to WIN and that's it! No more talking just action, we have put ourselves in a bad position through the first 8 games with only 3 wins. With 10 games left in the regular season we can definitely finish strong with a winning record but the time is NOW!


July 21, 2009:

With our huge win in Edmonton we are starting to look like the team we are capable of being week in and week out. Now we just have to be consistent hopefully we can ride this momentum and it translates into more complete performances as a "TEAM"!


May 27, 2009:

With training camp just around the corner the excitement of a new season and an opportunity to compete for a championship is approaching fast. I am so excited to be back around my teammates and working towards winning another ring. I would like to encourage all fans to attend training camp in Abbotsford if possible to support your B.C LIONS.


March 4, 2009:

With less than 100 days left until training camp my training is starting to kick into high gear. With the business side of things taken care of ( a 3 year extension) I am zeroing in on the upcoming season. My preparation has been getting more intense as we approach the start of the 09' season. With the weather heating up here in Atlanta we have been doing more sprinting, hills, football drills and catching balls. My diet has been altered now that the holidays and birthdays are out of the way, so now I am just full steam ahead focusing on having a great season. A season that I truly believe will be my best as far as personal goals I have set for myself, and if I do what I am suppose to do in regards to reaching my goals it will definitely translate to winning more games and capturing the ultimate prize which is the GREY CUP!


February 8, 2009:

The G.O.A.T as I like to call him is hanging up his cleats! Milt Stegall one of the best to ever do it period was a "beast" for a very long time. When I first came to the CFL in 2004 I was told by many that he was the Jerry Rice of Canada if you will. After watching him play and playing against him I was taken back a little scratching my head wondering how he could do what he has done for so long? Now fast forward to 2006 I moved to Atlanta Ga and in the off-season began to train with Milt and get to know him on a more personal level. When I tell you he is one of the greatest guys you will ever meet might be an understatement. He has been somewhat of a mentor to me and just a wealth of knowledge on and off of the field! He is what sports is all about the dedication, hard work and passion he is truly one of the greatest! Guys like him don't come around often hopefully I can do it as good as he did it for as long as he did it! I salute the G.O.A.T Milt Stegall # 85!


January 25, 2009:

Training Tip #1

Having a strong core is a must have for any athlete, your core is where your stabilization comes from and your overall center of strength. Try doing "pulses" which is done by beating your stomach like a drum! For example lay on your back with your feet off of the ground at about 6 inches also bring your shoulder blades off of the ground 4-6 inches as well. Then start beating your stomach from various angles with your fist balled up. Beat your stomach with enough force that you have to flex every time you do this. I would recommend that you start off with sets of 100 then work your way up. Also in between your set of pulses add either crunches or V ups.


November 29, 2008:

Hello fans, I hope all is well and that you guys have focused your disappointment and frustrations about this past season into excitement and optimism for to the 2009 season. We are definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with and mark my words we will be in position to play for a championship ring. I will be more active here on my website this off-season answering questions and keeping you guys updated on my off-season activities such as training, training tips, Advocare Supplements and my store. So I encourage you great fans to continue to support the B.C Lions and look forward to having a championship brought back to The Province of British Columbia in 09'!   


Hello Fans,

I just wanted to thank all of you who have and still support the BC Lions. Although the season hasn't gone quite the way we had planned, we are still right in the mix of things heading into the playoffs! What has happened to this point doesn't really matter as far as wins and losses: It's playoff time baby! If you win you advance, if you lose you go home, and I'm not ready to go home yet!


Greetings fans!

I want to take this time to welcome you to my website and to thank all of you who are not only B.C. LIONS faithfuls but who are fans of the Canadian Football League. I hope everyone is just as excited as I am about the 2008 season. Last year did not go as planned from a personal standpoint as well as the Team Goal. We set out to win another Grey Cup and came up short, we not only owe to ourselves but to you the fans and all of British Columbia to get another ring. The 2008 season is going to be a very special one so I am encouraging you to continue to be loyal fans and support the Black and Orange. We want to Dominate in 08' and in order to do so we need the "13th man" Dome Field Advantage Baby!